GHP Baile Hill

GHP Baile Hill

Monkton Elite x Lady Cass (TB)

In any discipline you compete in, you always hope to find that once in a lifetime horse. The horse that is not only athletic and talented, but the horse you connect with and have a true bond with. If you can throw in good looks and a charismatic presence it is a dream come true. GHP Baile Hill, a Cleveland Bay cross, is without a doubt a once in a lifetime horse, who possesses all the qualities you could ever ask for in a horse: athleticism, intelligence, charisma, phenomenal movement, handsome looks, and best of all a fantastic personality. He is an outstanding example of what a Cleveland Bay cross can achieve– versatility and talent.


Distance Riding

The distance sport of Competitive Trail Riding, or CTR’s, can be a demanding challenge for a horse. Horses are required to complete a certain distance within a prescribed time window, and cope with the all that nature can throw at them, including terrain such as hills, deep sand, mud, or rock in weather condition that can vary from hot and humid to cold and rainy. After completion horses are judged against one another based on a points system examining how well they performed the task and who showed the least amount of physical wear and tear. Baile has a lifetime competition mileage totaling 1180 lifetime competitive miles over 8 years. He is super competitive and has excelled in all sorts of terrains, climates, and is a phenomenal multiday horse. Some of his distance career highlights include:

Overall Grand Champion CTR 2013-2014 ride season

Overall Grand Champion CTR 2012-2013 ride season

Overall Reserve Champion CTR 2011-2012 ride season

Overall High Point Other Breed 2013-2014, 2012-2013, 2011-2012 ride seasons

Inducted into SEDRA’s Hall of Fame Horse and Rider Team

Overall High Point Rookie Horse 2010-2011 season

Numerous individual ride championships and special awards





Baile also cross trains and competes in the sport of dressage. Though he prefers to be covering long distances out on the trail, he is very competitive in the arena as well and consistently scores in the seventies. Baile has won numerous Championships and taken top year end awards.